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What are my early October tasks for my retirement plan?

I work on my financial retirement plan two times in the year: early October and early December. I spend time in early October to get a good picture of the tasks for December. That’s my month of heavy lifting. The purpose of this post is

Snapshot of returns this year do not point to a real increase in spending for 2019

In Nest Egg Care, Part 3, I recommend that you recalculate at least every three years to see if you can increase your Safe Spending Amount (SSA) for the upcoming year. Patti and I recalculate annually. Your recalculation always leads to a greater real amount

This seems so obvious to me: take your Social Security early

I took mine early, after Full Retirement Age, currently age 66. That made perfect sense to me. Here’s a recent article/video that says the opposite: sell from your IRA rather than taking Social Security (SS) early. Many say, “Wait, and each year you wait

Do you have the Rule of 72 drilled into your head?

I’m not sure when I learned about the Rule of 72, but it seems decades ago. It’s ingrained now. I also have “Ten years to double” in my head, which is derived from the Rule of 72. The purpose of this post is to explain

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